MiracleJex™ is a simple and effective needle free drug delivery system for subcutaneous injections. It is mainly used for daily insulin therapy in diabetic patients and have also been used for vaccination and beauty purposes. It is compact, portable and can be used discreetly anytime when injections are required, promoting users’ self-confidence.

Miracle Medical is launching MiracleJex™ needle-free injection systems and ampoules worldwide in 2017.

Miracle Medical is seeking to engage regional distributors, medical/healthcare groups and associations for diabetic care who support the adoption of needle-free injection of medication, especially for chronic disease management.

For doctors and other medical practitioners who wish to incorporate MiracleJex™ into novel treatment plans or procedures, please contact Miracle Medical.

Upcoming development
Aside from the standard handheld manually fired injectors, new features include auto-pressure sensing and firing modes, automatic reset injectors and also “smart” injector models featuring user identification and increased device security. Users can use the patent pending Automatic Reset Needle Free Injection System for seamless continuous injections. This is especially useful for vaccination, beauty and home use applications. It may also be useful to users who prefer automatic self-administration.

Moving forward, Miracle Medical is also developing the use of new polycarbonates for ampoules, along with new production and packaging solutions (i.e. bulk packaging).