The Miracle Group have been actively investing in, developing and selling medical technology solutions since year 2000. Some of these solutions include machine vision solutions, high performance computers used for biomedical and chemical simulations and intelligent databases.

Miracle Medical Pte Ltd is a subsidiary of the Miracle Group based in Singapore and represents the Group’s interests in medical projects. Miracle Medical designs and manufactures cleanroom assembly systems and automated production lines for needle-free syringes.

In 2014, Miracle Medical began design and development work on needle-free injectors for diabetic syringes, and worked with European companies on developing advanced beauty enhancement methods using needle-free solutions.
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In the same year, Miracle Medical manufactured needle-free diabetic ampoules in a Class 8 cleanroom facility and managed logistics for worldwide distribution of the product, including all aspects of manufacturing and supply chain management.

In 2015, the demand for needle-free diabetic syringes surged and manufacturing capacity at that time was unable to meet demand. Miracle Medical then decided to invest into the manufacture of its own MIRACLEJEX™ ampoules, which includes the establishment of manufacturing capabilities in a larger cleanroom in Singapore and the Design and Development of a high-speed syringe assembly system. A new continuous inline assembly technology was developed to allow production to keep up with market demand. At the same time, MIRACLEJEX™ products were sent for FDA 510K and CE certification.
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By early 2016, development work on the new high speed syringe assembly system was completed and put into manufacture use. This new system is capable of fully automatic assembly of 0.3ml and 0.5ml diabetic syringes at high production rates, and is compatible for both ETO and Gamma sterilization packaging.